More From Z2 Comics – Ivan Moody’s Dirty Poetry Brings Music & Poetry This Halloween

by Richard Bruton

Coming in October – Z2 Comics, Ivan Moody and Blake Armstrong give you a volume of Dirty Poetry:

It really is a twice-a-week thing now covering the latest Z2 Comics music-related graphic novel releases. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that at all. There’s no way you’re going to know all the bands and artists covered, after all, for every release from Blondie, Gorillaz, Anthrax, Public Enemy, there’s at least a couple from someone as esoteric and little known outside their existing fanbase as, well, Ivan Moody.

And that’s what I like about Z2. I know that it could be easy to simply write this company off as a novelty musical tie-in thing. And there’s no denying that there have been clunkers along the way (see my review of Poppy here at Comicon)

But that’s the point in a lot of ways, Z2 have their market and they’re going for it. They’re looking at a niche bit of the comics market and grabbing it with both hands, trusting that the crossover fanbase between the fans of whatever musical star they have in the graphic novel and the comic readers is big enough to work.

And so far… well, it looks pretty much like it’s working out just fine.

As I cover more and more of them, I’m not only broadening my comics reading but also discovering new bands and artists I’d never heard of before. So, I reckon that’s a win-win in anyone’s money.

Case in point, Dirty Poetry, out in October, brings Ivan Moody, the frontman of Five Finger Death Punch (yep, I had to head to Wiipedia and You Tube to have any idea who I’m talking about) into comics with an illustrated book of his poetry, illustrated in ink and watercolours by Blake Armstrong.

“Out of all the projects I’ve undertaken this is something truly out of the ordinary, completely unorthodox, and without ‘creative walls.’ It is by far the oddest thing I’ve ever done (and that’s saying something).
I had no idea how this would turn out but thankfully – between Blake and myself – I’m ecstatic with this first edition of Dirty Poetry. I’m intrigued and excited to share this FULL DOSE of my thought-provoking/chaotic and emotionally stimulating artistic vision with all of you.
Welcome… to My rabbit hole.” – Ivan Moody

Here’s the Z2 PR for this one…

“Ever wondered what really lies beyond “where the sidewalk ends?” From the wonderfully twisted mind of the front man of Five Finger Death Punch; Ivan Moody’s Dirty Poetry is a book of original poems punctuated with dark art that’s guaranteed to inspire upside-down dreamscapes in the minds of its readers.”

You can pick up Ivan Moody’s Dirty Poetry from comic shops and bookstores alike in October 2021, with the special deluxe and super deluxe editions available for pre-order now only through the Z2 website.

“Dirty Poetry definitely stands out as one of the more free and unique creative experiences I’ve had in my career. Ivan’s overall vision for this book was so twisted and tantalizing it would have been hard to keep me away from it. Our collaboration was truly a blast and I think the love shows on every page. My only hope is that the readers enjoy the book at least half as much as we did working on it. It’s gratifying to be a part of something so weird, unexpected and special.” – Blake Armstrong, Artist Dirty Poetry

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