‘Gun Honey’ Starts Its Path Toward Television

by Erik Amaya

Although the first issue of Gun Honey, written by Charles Ardai with art from Ang Hor Kheng, has yet to hit store shelves, it is already extending its reach across the media landscape.

Titan Comics announced Monday that the book has already been optioned as a potential television program by Piller/Segan, producers of Haven and The Dead Zone, and Double Vision, the production arm of the Vision New Media Group and the producers behind the acclaimed Asian adaptation of The Bridge. The story centers on a Singapore-born weapons expert, Joanna Tan, who happens to be “the best in the world at providing her clients with the perfect weapon at the perfect moment.” Her latest mission sees her attempting to track down an escaped convict known for their brutality, but her quest will force her to “confront secrets about her own past that will challenge her sense of who she is.”

“The heart of Gun Honey is Joanna Tan – who she is and where she comes from – and I can’t imagine better partners to bring her story to life with authenticity and incredible filmmaking talent than Double Vision,” Ardai said in a statement. “I am a huge fan of their work on The Bridge and can’t wait to see what they have in store for Joanna. And the opportunity to work with Piller/Segan again is a joy: working with Lloyd and his team to make Haven was an extraordinary experience.”

Min Lim, head of production at Double Vision, added, “I started reading Gun Honey and I didn’t put it down till I’d finished the whole thing … Finding a fresh take on the femme fatale is not easy to do, but Charles did exactly that with Joanna and Gun Honey and as Malaysians, we are incredibly excited to work on bringing an authentic South East Asian character to the screen in a big way.”

While it will still be some time before Gun Honey makes it to screens, the first issue of the comic book series hits stores on September 22nd.

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