Indie Comic ‘Dead By Dawn’ #1 Multi-Store Signings Across The UK This Saturday With Charlie Adlard, Jimmy Broxton And More

by Olly MacNamee

My co-host on the ICE-Cast Live, Shane Chebsey, has a new comic book coming out this weekend, Dead By Dawn #1. A horror anthology that hopes to team up comic book pros with new comers to comic book writing and art. The first issue features ten strips, each four pages in length, with a number of top tier talent involved. And that talent is being rolled out this Halloween weekend across several Forbidden Plant and my own local store, Birmingham’s Worlds Apart, who will be hosting Charlie “The Walking Dead” Adlard from 3pm till 5pm on Saturday 30th October. Lucky me!

As you can see from the accompanying graphic, there will be signings in Manchester, Wolverhampton Nottingham and Cardiff at the following times, with the following creators:

Stephen Daly: Forbidden Planet, Manchester: 3pm – 5pm

Patrick Goddard and Benjamin Dickson: Forbidden Planet, Cardiff: 3pm – 5pm

Jimmy Broxton: Forbidden Planet, Wolverhampton 3pm – 5pm

Chris Askham and Lyndon Webb: Forbidden Planet, Nottingham: 3pm – 5pm

Charlie Adlard: Worlds Apart, Birmingham 3pm – 5pm.

Now, where did I put that issue of The Walking Dead #192?

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