New Series ‘Aquamen’ #1 Launches This February From DC Comics

by Olly MacNamee

Looks like we’ll be getting more Aquaman antics in 2022 with the announcement of Aquamen ongoing series, to launch in February from DC Comics. It’s a series spinning out of the current Aquaman: The Becoming and Black Manta mini-series’ from the creative team of Chuck Brown, Brandon Thomas, Sami Basri and Adriano Lucas and featuring the two Aquamen, old and new, plus other water based supporting cast members too.

Aquamen #1 will debut Tuesday February 22nd 2022.

“When a suicide bomber in Middle America is revealed as an Atlantean sleeper agent seemingly gone rogue, the Aquamen—Arthur Curry and Jackson Hyde—are on the case. But it soon becomes clear that the tragedy was not just a single bad actor, but the beginnings of a much larger and more dangerous chain reaction…and the heart of an explosive Atlantean conspiracy! If Arthur’s not careful, the secrets he’s keeping—from Mera, Tula, Tempest, Atlantis, the surface, and even Jackson—could cause a rift from which the Aquamen might never recover!”

Aquamen #1, comes with a regular cover by Travis Moore, card stock variant covers by Kael Ngu and Nick Robles, and a 1:25 ratio variant cover by Jim Lee and Alex Sinclair. Plus a special Black History Month variant cover by Alexis Franklin.

1:25 ratio variant cover by Jim Lee and Alex Sinclair
Cover by Nick Robles
Cover by Kael Ngu

So, to jump on board and catch up you may want to grab Black Manta #6 and then Aquaman: The Becoming #6 which both lead directly into Aquamen #1.

Black Manta #6 synopsis:

“It’s villain versus villain as Black Manta fights to stop Devil Ray, whose eyes are set on Atlantis but whose ambitions might very well bring about the end of the world. Will Manta finally be able to own his roots, his power, and his flaws to save Atlantis…and himself?”

Black Manta #6, written by Chuck Brown with art by Valentine de Landro, out Tuesday February 8th, two weeks before Aquamen #1 lands.

Aquaman: The Becoming #6 synopsis:

“Alongside family old and new, Jackson Hyde races to stop the next big undersea terrorist attack—and this time, Mera’s the target! But if he hopes to overcome his greatest enemy yet and protect the people he loves most, he’ll have to stop waiting for someone to give him permission to lead. It’s time for Jackson to reach out and take the mantle of Aquaman!”

Aquaman: The Becoming #6, written by Brandon Thomas with pencils by Diego Olortegui, inks by Wade von Grawbadger, colour by Adriano Lucas, a cover by David Talaski, out Tuesday on February 15th, one week before Aquamen #1 drops.

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