Z2 Comics Brings Hip Hop Legend The RZA To Comics With ‘Bobby Digital And The Pit Of Snakes’

by Richard Bruton

RZA, one of the founder members of the Wu-Tang Clan brings his first graphic novel to Z2 Comics

The original graphic novel, Bobby Digital and the Pit of Snakes pairs RZA with writer Ryan O’Sullivan and artist Vasilis Lolos to answer the questions “Who are you?” and “What is real?”

Embracing his id, ego and superego he embarks on a quest to figure out the nature of his reality and himself. He will be ambushed by enemies unknown, he will be tried in ways most men can’t endure. Will he be victorious? Most of all, will he survive the Pit of Snakes?!

The graphic novel, released in 2022 brings the rapper, actor, and filmmaker’s storytelling skills to the comic book medium – and builds on the identity of Bobby Digital, established with the 1998 album ‘RZA as Bobby Digital in Stereo, an identity RZA returns to in the upcoming Bobby Digital: Digital Potions’.

Out of all my creative personas and alter egos Bobby Digital is probably the best fit, for comics and graphic novels. It’s a pleasure for me to collaborate with Z2 Comics and bring this lush world of creativity into the comic space. The readers are going to be hit with something they never seen coming. Bong-Bong. – RZA

Wu-Tang Clan mastermind Robert Diggs, better known as the RZA – just one of his pseudonyms – has to be one of hip-hop’s most influential producers. His involvement with the Wu-Tang Clan established their iconic sounds, followed by Diggs’ participation in horrorcore group the Gravediggaz, and production on solo releases by his fellow Wu-Tang members. His solo debut, Bobby Digital arrived in 1998. He’s also branched out into writing film scores, most notably for Jim Jarmusch’s Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai and Kill Bill Volume 1 & 2) and even gone into movies, both as an actor (American Gangster, Californication, Brick Mansions, The Dead Don’t Die) and director (The Man with the Iron Fists, Love Beats Rhymes).

The book will be released in both softcover and hardcover formats in finer bookstores, comic shops and record stores everywhere in June 2022, with special limited deluxe and super deluxe versions available to preorder now exclusively through the Z2 website.


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