Volition Brings ‘Saints Row’ To The Game Awards

by Sage Ashford

Developer Volition and publisher Deep Silver gave a new look at the Saints Row reboot during The Game Awards. It’s two minutes long, but it’s packed with plenty of gameplay. And Volition is here pointing out all of the things to notice in the trailer:

“In Santo Ileso, you either have the power, or you want to take it. The Saints are on a path to dominating this city, and you need to lead them as whatever Boss you want to be, this is Saints Row after all. We are serving up Saint-on-faction action as we show off just some of the ways you can head off against your rivals – there are so many options from explosive weaponry and brand new guns to an up-close and personal takedown or swift melee assault. The many ways to dispatch your enemies to the Santo Ileso in the sky isn’t all we’ve got in our arsenal, we’ve got high-speed vehicle action including boats, cars, ariel assaults and of course, chaos-inducing tanks.

In just 2 minutes you are gonna see:
• New sandbox reveals including helicopter tether thefts.
• New vehicles – look out for them!
• New combat – fresh takedowns, new weapons, offensive and defensive set pieces, dual wielding and more.
• New outfits and NPCs – from the weird, to the wild, and the unfortunate Santo Ileso citizens caught up in the middle of the madness.
• Story moments – a little more about the Saints’ rise to power.
• A pinch of customization – we are a tease.
• And a whole lotta Saints Row DNA.”

While the game was intended for a release in February, it was pushed back six months and is currently scheduled for August 23rd, and releasing on PlayStation and Xbox consoles and PC.

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