Preview: Studio City’s Fate Hangs In The Balance In ‘Identity Stunt’ 2 #3

by Brendan M. Allen

Markosia Enterprises has revealed a preview of  Identity Stunt 2 #3, out now from creator/writer Joe R. Khachadourian, artists Rei Lay and Patrik Mock, letterer Michael Hoffert Jr., and cover artist Joe Rubinstein.

‘Sami again finds himself face-to-facemask with the villainous Doctor Father, but this time, the fate of all of Studio City hangs in the balance.

Having narrowly escaped the clutches of the mysterious Doctor Father, Sami Nasser finds that he’s thrown himself directly from the proverbial frying pan and into the grease fire! As Jolene, Tracy, Alyssa, and the other citizens of Studio City scramble to minimize the damage caused by the vicious battalion of Beatdown doppelgangers, Sami realizes that in order to save the people he loves most, he’ll have to make a return trip into the depths of Father’s sinister stronghold. Only this time, he’s bringing the Beatdown with him…in more ways than one!’

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