Webcomic Weekly: ‘The Monkey’s Other Paw’ & More By Tor Freeman

by Richard Bruton

Webcomic Weekly – a simple thing, every week a new bit of comics stuff that you can find online… sometimes new, sometimes old, sometimes a massive, multi-part epic, other times something short and sweet – but always incredible! Today, Tor Freeman‘s The Monkey’s Other Paw.

Tor Freemans a UK illustrator and comics-maker, recipient of the Sendak Fellowship in 2012 and the winner of the 2017 Observer/Cape/Comica graphic short story prize with ‘If You’re So Wise, How Come You’re Dead?’ (Which you can read in full here.)

Her comics work includes the great Welcome To Oddleigh from Bog Eyed Books and Sigismond the Lizard Wizard and Snippets for The Phoenix Comic, plus there’s a load of great comics at her site, including this latest, The Monkey’s Other Paw

As with the other delights at her site, this is a typically brilliant thing, where one poor soul decides to buy a petrified monkey paw from a junk shop.

But of course, just as the old story goes, it has the power to grant wishes… just maybe not in the way you’d want. It’s got mystery, thrills, death, disaster… and biscuits.

Definitely get yourself along to her site and follow along on Twitter, where you’ll find loads more, all with that wonderfully light style as befits her work as a children’s illustrator.

But make no mistake, it’s certainly not all all-ages fare in the work here – there’s all manner of strange goings-on, off-kilter happenings, tales of magic, mystery, shape-changers, body-modification, talking gargoyles, even the odd murder or two in there… as you’ll see from the few tempters here –

A Mountain Tale


The Complaint

And that Graphic Short Story winning strip – If You’re So Wise

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