Pull List Preview: Bringing You The Most Popular Previews For The Week

by Olly MacNamee

We bring you some of the more popular previews from the past week to possibly offer suggestions to hot comics (based on the views they garner) you may want to consider picking up on your next trip to your local comic book store. Here’s this past week’s most popular previews in no particular order:

  1. DC Comics’ Batman titles still seem to be doing well with previews for Batman #121, Detective Comics #1051 and Batman: Killing Time #1 all landing with you the reader.
  2. A non-Batman related title, but nevertheless popular, was for Suicide Squad #13.
  3. Marvel did well too with She-Hulk #2 making this week’s list.
  4. Another hot preview, again from Marvel, was for Black Panther #4.
  5. One last one, and not from the big two, was for Scout Comics’ Headless #2.

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