The Most Titanic Brawl In Marvel History Comes To An End In June’s ‘Hulk Vs Thor: Banner Of War’

by Tony Thornley

The Hulk and Thor are no strangers to slugfests, and in June their biggest brawl to date comes to an epic end.

The War begins in next month’s Hulk Vs Thor: Banner of War Alpha from Donny Cates and Martin Coccolo, with covers by Hulk legend Gary Frank. We’ve already brought you previews of April and May’s clash of titans. But in June it all comes crashing to an end in this celebration of both characters’ 60th birthdays.

In Thor #26, Odin forces Thor to realize the gravity of Banner’s situation — and its connection to that mysterious, violent incident in El Paso. But when Iron Man’s interference causes more harm than good, our two rivals face shocking changes that change the stakes of the battle…for good.

Then the time for victory comes at last in Hulk #8. Marvel’s two heaviest hitters expend their rage on one final, brutal brawl that will answer once and for all which of these heroes is the strongest. But in a fight between gods, monsters and men, what becomes of the victor? The loser? And who really has the authority to decide?

It sounds like a hell of a time. Be sure to pick up all five parts of this epic story, starting in April and running through June!

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