‘The Experience’ To Offer Rare Moon Knight Page On Tonight’s Show

by Erik Amaya

It’s been a while since we checked in with The Experience, the online collectibles show which emerged during pandemic to keep certain aspects of the comic convention alive while in-person gatherings were prohibited. And, as it turns out, the show is continuing that mission tonight with a very special offering: a rare page from Werewolf by Night #33, the second half of Moon Knight’s introductory story.

The tale, by Doug Moench and Don Perilin, saw the Commission hiring an outside contractor to bring in werewolf Jack Russell. Additionally, they order him to wear a costume and adopt the Moon Knight identity. Meant to be a one-off antagonist, the design of Moon Knight intrigued the Marvel editors and he appeared in other books like The Defenders and Marvel’s Hulk magazine. He eventually his own title, where Moench would quickly retcon the Werewolf by Night story to reveal Frenchie was a member of the Commission who suggested Marc Spector for the job and smuggled in the Moon Knight costume in for the assignment.

Only four pages from Werewolf by Night #32 and #33 are known to be available to the collecting world, so the page from #33 is an extremely rare item and will be on offer for $75,000! Additionally, other Moon Knight finds will available, including John Romita Jr‘s only Moon Knight cover.

The Experience livestream starts at 6pm EST. Anyone interested in acquiring a piece of Moon Knight history can head to the show’s landing page.

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