Convention Update: Thought Bubble – Raina Telgemeier And More!

by Richard Bruton

Another day, another convention update, this one a little overdue – but it’s Thought Bubble Comics Festival in Harrogate on 7th-13th November and they’ve got a LOT of guests and exhibitors announced!

Thought Bubble is pretty much the biggest comic festival in the UK, well, there’s Thought Bubble and The Lakes International Comics Festival in October, both similar in stature and size and I’m not about to start labeling one or other the best.. But both of them are proper comics festivals, celebrating the medium and the creators.

Anyway, Thought Bubble has recently announced not only their exhibitors’ list (which is huge) but also another raft of guests for the convention weekend.

And finally, finally, after many years of wondering when someone would invite one of the world’s best-selling comic makers, Raina Telgemeier, Thought Bubble have done it.

Seriously, in Western/US comics, Telgemeier’s second only to the juggernaut of Dav Pilkey in terms of getting kids reading comics and it’s about time she was visiting these shores to see the hordes of her excited fans. I just hope that Thought Bubble and the area’s comic shops are really marketing this to every school they can to really maximise the number of kids who get to see their favourite comics maker.

Of course, there’s plenty more guests announced and to be announced, with the end number being something like 100 guests and 400+ exhibitors.

Thought Bubble really is a week-long celebration of all things comics across Yorkshire, before the two-day comics convention in Harrogate. Every time I’ve gone there I’ve had the greatest time, with a full program of events and panels over the convention weekend and a real sense of the rich and vibrant UK comics scene in full effect through all the convention halls.

So, guests so far are

As far as the exhibitors… well, the list is too big to go into here, but it’s a full reckoning of the talent in the UK and you can go look at it all here.

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