Review: ‘Adventureman’ #9 Has Some Movement

by Benjamin Hall


The current bearer of the title Adventureman, Claire Connell, continues her first team-up. Meanwhile the Ghost Gang make some moves. Can Claire and her cowboy ally Crossdraw stop the ghost gang? For that matter can they even find the Ghost Gang in time?


Writer Matt Fraction creates an essay for the back matter that is more straightforward than the story. However, it is arguable whether it is more entertaining than the story. The main problem with the story is that this issue meanders. This occurs with how certain scene changes seem to occur without a transition. Also there are a few conversations that are more free form than essential. On the plus side there is finally a good deal of forward momentum for the plot. Not to mention Fraction is apparently solidifying a certain rule for how this universe works.

Adventureman #9 (2022) cover pencils and colors by Terry Dodson, inks by Rachel Dodson, design is a homage to illustrator Joseph Christian Leyendecker

Designer Leonardo Olea makes an obvious adjustment to the credits page. It goes nicely with part of the cover design, plus certain elements of the narrative.

Letterer Clayton Cowles does a great job with suggesting different vocal volumes via sizing. Yet, it is debatable whether Cowles goes a little too big at times. Although the opposite is also debatable it is seemingly only in one instance. Cowles does a nice job with the placement of the text. Though Cowles could use a wider range of colors to differentiate bits of both internal and external narration.

Penciler/colorist Terry Dodson and inker Rachel Dodson create a pretty good cover. The background colors help create a sense of depth. This is because these colors compliment and contrast with the characters’ faces and outfits. It is also worth mentioning that the designs of the two outfits are just amazing. The only real flaw is the main character’s fingers being bent backward too far on one hand

When it comes to the interiors some of the coloring looks muddy. This is mainly evident when it comes to more minimalistic elements. Rachel Dodson’s inking also seems to be heavier in places as if to make up for Terry’s line work. Although this is noticeable in select panels early on it does seem to stop as the story goes on. Overall the art and colors are still high quality, but they do dip at times into medium quality.

Adventureman #9 is out now from Image Comics.

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