SDCC 2022: Dynamite Unveils ‘Vampirella’ Trading Card Set

by Erik Amaya

While Dynamite has announced a wide array of comics in the lead-up to Comic-Con International: San Diego 2022, it also reaches out into other products like the table top games it recently announced and, as it unveiled Wednseday, a new line of Vampirella trading cards. Based on the Vampirella/Dracula: Unholy series by writer Christopher Priest, the set features artwork from Lucio Parrillo, Joseph Michael Linsner, Rose Besch, Shannon Maer, Kyuyong Eom, Peach Momoko, Artgerm, Darryl Petrucci, cosplayers Ani Mia, Rachel Hollon and Ireland Reid, and more.

Beyond the base 18-card set, chase cards include: 9 Signed Cards, 12 Line Art Cards, 9 Puzzle Cards, 2 Special Box Topper Cards. Also dispersed in individual packs: hundreds of one-of-a-kind hand-drawn signed original art full color Sketch Cards from the likes of Roy Cover, Bradley Hudson, Caleb King, Caesar Crawford, Celina Hernandez, Debjit Kar, Diablos Grande, Clinton W. Yeager, Damien Torres, Kevin B. Cleveland, Kevin Meinert, Kevin Munroe, Kirstine Danica Lim, Limuel Pinzon, Mai Irving, Mariano Nicieza, Matt Buttich, Matt Stewart, Vanessa Solis, Walter Figueroa, Will Torres, William Russell, and Zachary Woolsey … to name but a few.

“Every trading card set is special for collectors, but we really wanted to up the ante on this one to commemorate all the exciting storylines taking place in Vampirella’s world recently, and especially all the brilliant artwork,” Mariano Nicieza, Director of Research and Development and lead on the trading cards program, said in a statement. “Especially coming from all our talented sketch artists, there will be a jaw-dropping pull in every pack.”

The Vampirella Unholy Deluxe Ultra-Premium Trading Card Set will be available in October.

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