SDCC 2022: King Kong Of Skull Island Comes To Dynamite Entertainment

by Erik Amaya

The 8th Wonder of the World is coming to Dynamite.

On Wednesday, the company announced it is partnering with DeVito ArtWorks to produce a new line of comics and board games based on King Kong of Skull Island. The character, who first appeared in Merian C. Cooper‘s 1933 film, King Kong, has become a staple of cinema and an inspiration to creature effects wizards and other other artists for nearly nine decades. “Kong was the first classic giant monster who influenced generations of storytellers in all forms of entertainment. These kinds of figures are such an integral part of comics history, going back to the anthology tales Stan Lee was telling with Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, and others before the Fantastic Four brought superheroes back to the forefront,” Dynamite CEO and Publisher Nick Barrucci said in a statement. “But no comics fan can say no to a humongous, fearsome ape – sometimes with a heart of gold. And adding Joe DeVito to the equation, an artist who I’ve worked with for nearly 30 years, who is so talented, it’s an incredibly rewarding experience. We’re excited to also be bringing games to the table, as Skull Island is such a fascinating setting that will translate perfectly!”

DeVito added, “King Kong has been a passion of mine since I first saw the 1933 classic back in 1960 … DeVito ArtWorks has worked exclusively in concert with the Merian C. Cooper Estate in creating “King Kong of Skull Island” to delve into all things King Kong and Skull Island. Now is a perfect time to partner again with Nick and expand still further on another fabulous Kong adventure in comic books and gaming–exciting times ahead!

More information on the comics and board games will be coming soon.

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