Adult Animation Revolution: Genndy Tartakovsky– One Of This Generation’s Greatest Directors

by Tito W. James

Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal follows a caveman and dinosaur, called Spear and Fang, on their journey through a harsh primordial world. Within the first three episodes of the second season, audiences are treated to an emotionally harrowing journey across the sea to an island where Spear encounters more advanced human civilizations. What follows are climactic battles worthy of a Frank Frazetta painting blended with the tragedy of doomed relationships.

Primal is not only starting off its second season incredibly strong, the series is also showcasing what makes Genndy Tartakovsky one of the best contemporary directors in any medium. There’s time in each episode allocated to atmosphere that still takes the viewer on an emotional arc. The action is clean in presentation and messy on delivery– which gives every fight a tinge of horror. Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal is the embodiment of Alfred Hitchcock’s concept of “Pure Cinema”– where visual storytelling that stimulates the senses takes center stage.

To those working within the field of animation, Tartakovsky’s directorial prowess and vision are self-evident. However, I believe that Genndy Tartakovsky should be mentioned in the same breath as other contemporary film auteurs like Taika Waititi and Jordan Peele. The only reason Tartakovsky isn’t recognized as one of today’s top directors is because of the antiquated notion of animation being less respectable than live-action film. In the hearts and minds of those who have seen Tartakovky’s best work, it is obvious that this man creates great cinema. Now we should give him the credit that’s long overdue.

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