Jordan Elsass Departs ‘Superman & Lois’; Jonathan Kent To Be Recast

by Erik Amaya

When Superman & Lois returns next year, it will look slightly different.

Variety reports actor Jordan Elsass has chosen to quit the series for “personal reasons.” His part, slightly older Kent twin Jonathan, will be recast in the near future. Production on the program’s third season is due to begin soon and Elsass was reportedly late to show up in Vancouver in advance of production. It is still unclear what his “personal reasons” for quitting might be, but the site’s sources say it has nothing to do with any “workplace related” activities.

Since its debut, Elsass played Jonathan alongside Tyler Hoechlin‘s Clark Kent, Elizabeth Tulloch‘s Lois Lane and Alex Garfin‘s Jordan Kent. Per the program’s original premise, the family moves to the Kent farmhouse in Smallville following the death of Martha Kent and an economic downturn at the Daily Planet. Of course, trouble quickly followed with the discovery of X-Kryptonite in a nearby mine and the arrival of the Eradicator. In more recent days, Lois and Clark faced off against an invasion from Bizzaro World while Jonathan faced a potential X-Kay addiction and Jordan grappled with his powers. It is unclear what crises the family will face in the third season, but one imagines the issue of Jonathan’s new appearance will be addressed via some science fiction plot thread.

The series is one of four remaining superhero shows on The CW with Stargirl returning in three weeks. The final season of The Flash and the debut season of Gotham Knights will join Superman & Lois on the network schedule in 2023.

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