Preview: Solve The Mystery Of ‘Ghost Planet’ This October From Scout Comics

by Brendan M. Allen

A teen daughter rushes to solve the mystery of Ghost Planet before her recently-dead loved ones return to kill her. Lost in Space meets Last of Us in this offering from writer Jeffrey Burandt, artist/colorist/letterer Sean Von Gorman, and cover artist Mike Allred.

‘A family of deep space explorers discovers a planet teeming with life, a new home capable of providing safe haven for their people. However, when an alien creature kills one of the crew members, his fiancé is soon haunted by his presence, driving her mad. Ghost Planet is a story that explores a loving family unit as they confront the horrors of a nihilistic universe and the awful biology within.’

“Ghost Planet is a classic sci-fi tale with a body-horror twist,” said Jeffrey Burandt. “Sean Von Gorman has beautifully rendered every tentacle and alien spore, opting for a pop art palette that is both emotional and artsy. Meanwhile, the story explores the most primal of human relationships and fears. Death is biology. Hope is a ghost. I think this story really packs a wallop, and I’m pleased as a punch-bot that Scout Comics has taken a chance on our futuristic, sci-fi horror tale.”

Ashcans and merch from Ghost Planet are currently available on Scout Comics’ website, and Ghost Planet #1 is set to hit the spinner racks on October 19th. 

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