Titan Comics And System Era Softworks Announces NewSci-Fi Game Tie-In ‘Astoneer: Countdown’ Graphic Novel

by Olly MacNamee

Astoneer: Countdown is an all-new graphic novel based in the videogame universe, Astroneer by indie game developer System Era Softworks and to be published by Titan Comics next Spring.

Here’s more on the game itself:

“Astroneer (Xbox, Playstation, PC, Switch) is a multi-platform sandbox adventure game that encourages ingenuity and teamwork. As Astroneers, players are tasked with surviving in an uncharted solar system through exploration and crafting. With luminous visuals, deep lore, and a lot of heart, Titan Comics is excited to look further into the Astroneer universe.”

And here’s the plot overview for the graphic novel:

“The graphic novel adventure follows friendly Astroneer Seven as he ventures into the Boreas System. What begins as an epic quest to gather crucial resources turns into a crisis of identity and belonging. Will the discovery of the mysterious time-and-space bending crystals rescue Seven from his troubles, or will they only cause more chaos? Readers will also enjoy three short stories as part of Astroneer: Countdown. Out of Bounds, Decaf Noir, and Have We Met. Each take part in the wider Astroneer universe and capture the wonder that the game is known for.”

Written by Dave Dwonch (Jenny Zero), David Pepose (Savage Avengers), Jeremy Lawson (Teen Titans Go! comics), and M. Goodwin (Tomboy) with art from Xenia Pamfil (Rainbow Brite), Eryk Donovan (Constantine: The Hellblazer), Jeremy Lawson, and M. Goodwin on art, Astoneer: Countdown will be out March 2023.

Here’s Dave Dwonch on his view of the graphic novel:

“With Astroneer I aimed to write a story that is truly all-ages. Much like the game, we’re inviting EVERYONE to journey into space, explore new worlds and join us on the adventure of a lifetime!”

Dave Pepose added:

“I couldn’t be more thrilled to explore the universe with the fan-favorite characters of Astroneer! From the jungles of Kthoom to the dangers of Decaf Coffee Cubes, we’ve got some hilarious adventures in store for our favorite intergalactic pals of pudding!”

Finally, we hear from Titan’s Acquisition Editor, Duncan Baizley:

“When we were searching for additional star titles to populate the Titan Comics gaming galaxy, we couldn’t have imagined a better fit than System Era’s Astroneer. It’s an enormously fun game world for curious minds, where imaginations can run riot and exploration is everything, and visually it’s a perfect fit! We think it’s incredibly engaged and diverse fan community are going to love reading about Seven and J.A.S.P.E.R’s misadventures in the Boreas System!”

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