Adult Animation Revolution: Celebrating Diversity in Animation

by Tito W. James

At the World Animation Summit, diversity and representation were at the forefront of many conversations. The most influential entertainment in the world is film and TV and the US is the most influential entertainment juggernaut in the world. If there is racial and gender bias in our media it becomes the status quo for the world. This is why we need new stories and new perspectives from new creators.

When viewers see themselves in the characters on screen, they’ll believe it’s possible for them to find success. When the people behind the camera are more diverse, you will see more diversity on screen organically. Both creators and audiences are more culturally diverse than they’ve ever been before.

The trend I noticed was more ethnic diversity within genre fiction. Maya and The Three and Spirit Rangers are just two examples of fantasy inspired by a specific folklore. In his book, Reinventing Comics Scott McCloud talks about the link between genre diversity and the representation of minority voices.

Personally, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that some of most interesting genre stories in recent years have come from diverse perspectives: (Get Out, Parasite, JoJo Rabbit, and Everything Everywhere All At Once). Adding new voices is more than “lip service” from studios– it’s actively making the world of art and storytelling better. As artists and creatives we have every reason to celebrate diversity.

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