Image Comics And Syzygy! Announce Split-Book ‘Tales Of Syzpense’ 

by Olly MacNamee

Following on from the success of split-book, Local Man, Image Comics and Syzygy!  have announced a new split-book series, Tales Of Syzpense beginning this June.

“Up first—courtesy of Lore co-creators T.P. Louise and Ashley Wood—the lead-off mystery of “Les Mort 13” plays out on the surreal and mysterious island of Southport after a run-in with Eris, the goddess of strife…”

“Next, Chris Ryall and Nelson Daniel will present readers with the story “Dreamweaver,” about an aging adventurer with a mystical secret who looks to pass on his abilities to the next generation of hero… until they have much greater success than he did, and he decides he wants those abilities back at any cost.”

Each issue will also feature two “Les Mort 13” covers by Wood, a “Dreamweaver” cover by Daniel, and a Syzpenseful tribute cover to famous split books of the past.

Ryall spoke up about this new series, ahead of a first look at his and Daniels ‘Dreamweaver strip:

“Tales of Syzpense features two characters who Ash and I have long been developing in parallel ways without discussing them with each other—in fact, both lead characters coincidentally use swagger sticks and wear cloaks—so it made sense to present their initial adventures in the split-book format we love. And Tales of Syzpense gives us a nice outlet to tell both these stories, as well as carve out space for other creators to feature their own characters here as well.”

Tales of Syzpense #1 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, June 21st from Image Comics

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