Skybound Reveals The Newest Artist To Contribute Interconnecting Covers For ‘The Walking Dead Deluxe’

by Olly MacNamee

Skybound have revealed the next artist to contribute interlocking variant covers for The Walking Dead Deluxe comic book series as Conor Hughes (White Ash, The Game).

These covers will appear as variants to The Walking Dead Deluxe #67-72, from writer/creator Robert Kirkman, artist Charlie Adlard and colourist Dave McCaig. Plus, you get the usual additional pinups and exclusive “Cutting Room Floor” commentary by Kirkman too.

“Conor’s covers transition us into a new chapter for THE WALKING DEAD DELUXE comic series… the long-awaited arrival at Alexandria. The first three covers in this set really capture the intensity of life on the road, as the group pushes towards Washington D.C., and walkers are still very much a concern through the metropolitan city. But it’s the final three covers that emphasize the eerie calm of what life is like in this new settlement for our group. Michonne may be hanging up her sword, but for how long?” – Amanda LaFranco, Editor, Skybound Entertainment

The Walking Dead Deluxe #67 will be available on Wednesday, July 19th from Skybound/Image Comics

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