Gems Of The Show – The Toys Of The Five Points Festival In New York

by Staff

The Five Points Festival is taking place in New York this weekend at Pier 36 on the Lower East Side, held in a space that has previously been host to comic shows and other pop culture events. A “designer toy and comic convention”, presented by Clutter Magazine and Midtown Comics and sponsored by Playcrafting, the show was very busy on Saturday, with plenty of purchasing power for designer toys, which were clearly the gems of the show. From bigger companies like Toy Tokyo, Kid Robot, and Clutter, to individual and hand-made items, there were plenty of toys to appreciate at the Five Points Festival.

Even for those who might never have been particularly aware of the growth of the designer toy world in recent years, it was easy to become new converts, as attendees attested to me. Here’s a survey of the toys of the Five Points Festival, from sculpts to mods, and more:
Photo credit toHannah Means-Shannon and

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