‘The Baddest Pirate There Ever Was’ Sparks Mystery In Misfit City #2, Out This Week

by Staff

Boom! Studios’ new adventure comic Misfit City arrives for its second issue this week, written by Kiwi Smith and Kurt Lustgarten, and illustrated by Naomi Franquiz with colors by Brittany Peer and letters by Jim Campbell. Set in coastal Pacific Northwest town, a group of young women live in the shadow of a teen adventure movie set there during the 80’s but are about to discover a pirate mystery of their own that will impact their lives in big ways.

In this second issue, after discovering and examining a treasure map, they break into the Captain’s house, but they aren’t being as low profile as they think they are being. The dread pirate, “the baddest” of them all, Black Mary is at the heart of the mystery.
Here’s a close look at the interiors of Misfit City #2, and the creepy mansion explorations therein:

Misfit City #2 arrives in shops this Wednesday, June 14th, from Boom! Studios.

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