Doctor Who Meets The Mr. Men: Toys And Books

by Olly MacNamee

You can’t get more British than Doctor Who and The Mr. Men, both essential childhood pastimes that many a grown-up, such as myself, have very fond memories of. Of course, I still watch the good Doctor, but I left Roger HargreavesThe Mr. Men book series in the dust of childhood long ago.
But, maybe not anymore, if this quirky cross-over is anything to go by.
Already out there on the bookshelves of Britain are the first four books in this Mr. Men mash-up seriesDr. First, Dr. Fourth, Dr. Eleventh and Dr. Twelfth. And, while we’ve had them since April, you lucky colonial cousins of mine will be able to get your hands on your own copies at the end of the month too. You can pre-order them here.
Meanwhile, we in the UK can look forward to the release of four more Dr Who/Mr. Men books: Dr. Second, Dr. Seventh, Dr. Eighth, and Dr. Ninth.

But, wait. There’s more!
Coming this Fall will be a new line of figurines with the first four just having been announced over on the BBC Dr Who site. Unsurprisingly, they will be a reflection of the four books currently available, with more to come, I’m sure.

The figurines mirror characters in the Dr. Men book series, published by Penguin Random House, and sees Doctor Who and The World of Hargreaves in a brand mashup bringing to life Doctor Who characters in the distinctive story-telling and illustrative style of Roger Hargreaves.

Best get writing my Christmas list to Santa early this year then.

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