Vikings And Martin Stein Grace Legends Of Tomorrow’s Mid-Season Finale Preview

by Erik Amaya

It’s the mid-season stretch for Legends of Tomorrow. And as a preview of their fall finale reveals, they’re going into the holiday hiatus with a conflict in Newfoundland and visits from Vikings and Professor Martin Stein.

That’s quite a way to recover the from the team’s recent loss. But it also continues a thread building all season long. As Zari pointed out last week, the team keeps encountering something deeply personal at each anachronism; like Stein’s ancestor in London and Ray Palmer’s younger self. You almost have to wonder if Mallus is also as closely connected to the Legends. Meanwhile, it’s fun to see the younger Stein (Graeme McComb) make another appearance, but what sort of aberration in the time stream will he cause now? Last year, Stein’s suggestion that his younger self pay more attention to Clarissa led to Lily being born. This time, the stakes are much higher as an ill-considered word could drastically change things for the team.
No matter what, the cliffhanger will take on extra meaning as Legends‘s hiatus will extend into February to make way for the new Black Lightning on Tuesday nights.
Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesdays on The CW.

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