Image Expo 2018: The “Wonderful And Horrific” World Of Farmhand By Rob Guillory

by Olly MacNamee

Announced at Image Expo, Rob Guillory (Chew) both writes and illustrates this all-new horror comedy series, Farmhand. In it, a man discovers a way to grow transplant organs on his farm, but something much darker is lurking, ready to sprout.

FARMHAND follows Ezekiel Jenkins, a family man and new agrarian who returns to his family fields—but these nightmarish crops give a new meaning to ear of corn and fingerling potatoes.

“This is a story that’s been very near and dear to me for quite some time, and I’m absolutely thrilled to finally announce it,” said Guillory. “I can’t wait to introduce readers to the wonderful and horrific world of FARMHAND.

Farmhand launches from Image Comics in July 2018.
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