West Coast Avengers #1 Is A Fun-Filled First Issue

by Olly MacNamee

Even now, when talking with friends, Marvel is always heralded as the cooler comics company, and with a title like West Coast Avengers #1, I can see why anyone would come to that conclusion. It’s a fun, fun, fun book, as you would expect from a West Coast Avengers book, but it’s also a book that is aiming to stick around for a good while, too, and not simply be a one-note gag stretched over a scant few issue before its eventual cancellation. This is a comic asking to be picked up and enjoyed. And I did.

More than aware of the West Coast’s lack of truly super heroes, Hawkeye 2.0 (well, they do have BOTH Hawkeyes on this team, and even they go back-and-forth in a comedy manner discussing whether this is confusing) ponders what can be done to solve this issue and so, with the help of some friends, such as her boyfriend, Fuse, and team powerhouse, America Chavez, she starts putting a team together and holding an open casting-call, er sorry, audition. And, boy, has the West Coast been ignored by Marvel judging by some of the slackers, ne’er-do-wells and down right delusional losers we meet in one of the stand out, more hilarious scenes of this book. I mean, would you live in LA if your powers required the presence of snow, and plenty of it, like no-hoper, The Silver Snowboarder?

All along, it reminded me fondly of the classic DeMatteis/Giffen Justice League International run, with it’s wise cracking and characters playing off one another throughout the book. Kelly Thompson’s writing on this book is wonderful, light-hearted and good natured and sings to the reader warmly. You’ll find yourself falling in love with this book by the end, I reckon, especially when you’re treated to such great art courtesy of Stefano Caselli who’s mastery of the page makes for an even more dynamic read. Hell, he can even bring the aforementioned talking-heads audition scene to life with animated faces that run the game of emotions. Helpful too when we meet the soon-to-be members via intercutting video interviews for a reality TV show they’ve agreed to do to help raise e some much needed financed. There ain’t no Tony Stark, it would seem, on the West Coast.
Oh, and there’s Gwenpool too, ramping up the fun and the wisecrack quota.
In a Marvel landscape that seems to treat ongoing series as mini-series, it can often be hard to keep up with them when, like me, you’re only a causal reader (hey, we can’t read every book out there, even if we wanted to), but the is one book I highly recommend. Out last Wednesday, you should still be able to grab a copy.
West Coast Avengers #1 is out now from Marvel.

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