Thor #5 Brings The Fire And Thunder

by Staff

By Josh Davison

We see an instance of Thor and Wolverine sharing a drink not too long ago. In the far future, at the end of all things, King Thor and “Old Man Phoenix” meet to reminisce and discuss the end of the universe. Logan is unhappy that Thor resurrected the Earth and wants to wipe it from existence once again. Thor doesn’t intend to allow that, and the two gods duel across the stars. Elsewhere, a worm challenges Ego the Living Planet to a duel.
Jason Aaron’s new Thor run was honestly threatening to lose my interest. I was hoping that the Thanos cameo last issue would revitalize the book, but it ended up being the worst sequence of Thor #4.
With #5, we jump back to the end of the universe, where King Thor encounters Wolverine possessed by the Phoenix Force, and it’s frigging awesome.
Thor and Wolverine battle it out across the edges of creation’s decay in a manner that brought me back to the war between the three Thor’s and Gorr the God Butcher at the beginning of Aaron’s own Thor, God of Thunder run from years ago.

The Ego interlude oddly comes off like a fairytale parable, which suits a book about the Norse God of Thunder.
There is also a nice surprise appearance at the end of the book that promises another cool story ahead.
Christian Ward’s artwork is somewhat surrealist like Mike del Mundo’s work in the series so far. However, Ward’s work is a bit more coherent and makes great scenes of unimaginable power being exchanged between Thor and Logan. He’s still not my first choice for a book like this, but he does damn good work here regardless. His color work is fitting for this fantasy/cosmic duel too, as there is plenty of stray purples, blues, oranges, and reds being blown across the spaceways in this comic.
Thor #5 injected much-needed energy and power into this relaunch of the God of Thunder’s title. Aaron sets up an epic duel between gods at the end of all things, and Ward brings it to life with a gorgeous show of form and color. This book earns a strong recommendation. You should check this one out.
Thor #5 is by writer Jason Aaron, artist Christian Ward, letterer VC’s Joe Sabino, cover artist Esad Ribic, variant cover artists James Harren with Dave Stewart and Ema Lupacchino with Jason Keith, and logo designer Jay Bowen. Marvel’s Thor was created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, and Jack Kirby. The comic is published by Marvel Comics and is available today for $3.99.

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