It’s King Shark Vs. Gorilla Grodd When The Flash Returns

by Erik Amaya

The Flash might be taking a few weeks off, but when it returns, it will feature the title bout you’ve been waiting for: King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd.

And, really, all other considerations about the show will be suspended while two of the show’s most wonderfully out-there villains mix it up. Sure, Team Flash will be caught in the middle and, sure, there might be some mention of Cicada (Chris Klein), but none of that really matters because “King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd” is a perfect 45-minute premise. It is something you might see on the cover of either a Silver Age Flash comic or in a 1990s homage to the 1960s covers and cover-blurbs with the phrase “Because you demanded it” prominently featured.
If you can’t tell, we’re excited about King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd.
Meanwhile, this week’s episode used the time loop premise to good effect — and tipped their hat to the Legends of Tomorrow episode utilizing the same trick — but it seems silly that Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) didn’t think of telling the rest of the team about her plight sooner. Communication was the ultimate solution and that should’ve been obvious. Speaking of, Barry (Grant Gustin) needs to tell Nora about Flashpoint. Otherwise she will follow Thawne (Tom Cavanagh) to a disastrous alteration of the timeline. Granted, the timeline has already been compromised, but that’s neither here nor there. It’s The Flash, after all. You’d think the Time Bureau would have standing warrants for the whole Allen family with the way they muck up time.
The Flash returns March 5th on The CW.

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