Season 2 Of Apex Legends Brings A New Character And Battle Pass

by Sage Ashford

During EA Play, developer Respawn Entertainment introduced a new character  to their popular game Apex Legends in Natalie “Watson” Paquette, as well as the second season of their battle pass.

“Static Defender” Wattson is a twenty-two year old engineer who was the daughter of the Apex Games’ lead electrical engineer. She came to join the Apex Games after her father died shortly after their development of the Apex Games’ Modified Containment Ring. Boasting abilities that focus on defense, Wattson has electrified pylons that can destroy missiles and recharge shields, and create electrified fences to slow her enemies down.

Wattson is just one part of what was revealed during EA Play’s presentation, however. They’re also introducing a new weapon in the form of the L-Star, an energy-based machine gun, adding new legendary skins, and offering a host of Daily and Weekly Challenges to level up the battle pass. More detail about the Battle Pass can be found at Apex Legends’ website.
Before the Battle Pass launches however, Respawn will be hosting a limited-time event known as The Legendary Hunt. This event will be available only to the best of the best–players who place in the Top 5 of a given match will be allowed into the Apex Elite queue, where they will face off against other Top 5 players of different matches.  But to remain in the Hunt, they’ll have to continue to make Top 5.  This event will begin June 11th, and will last for two weeks.
Apex Legends’ Season 2 battle pass will be available on July 2nd.

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