Witches Be Crazy: Check Out The Cartoon Pilot for Bluehilda

by Tito W. James

Brunhilda is the name of a powerful Germanic female figure similar to that of a Norse Valkyrie. The name has been lampooned by the Looney Tunes character of Broom Hilda, a dastardly green-skinned witch. Now the name is further mutated by Bluehilda, the silly blue-skinned witch.

What stands out in the Bluehilda pilot episode is the expressive animation. It’s as if the genie from Aladdin was shape-shifting in the world of Ren and Stimpy. Bluehilda’s magical nature allows her to perform the kind of visual gags we haven’t seen since the golden age of cartoons.

Bluehilda is a wonderfully stretchy breath of fresh air when compared to her stiffly animated cartoon counterparts. I hope that Bluehilda finds her way to a full series. With a little refinement, Bluehilda could be the next cartoon poster child.

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