Watch Hideo Kojima Comment on Nearly 50 Minutes Of ‘Death Stranding’

by Sage Ashford

At Tokyo Game Show, Hideo Kojima showed off another massive chunk of gameplay for his upcoming title, Death Stranding.  Nearly an hour of footage was shown off while the director discussed how the game worked.   More detail is given over at the PlayStation blog, but Kojima shows off how important being properly equipped for a given task is, and how much work goes into carrying what’s necessary.  He shows us how to traverse certain areas with ladders and more, with a glimpse at the various modes of transportation available being displayed.
We also see that the lead character has been given a powered exoskeleton, explaining his ability to traverse the world while carrying such heavy items and going through dangerous terrain.  There’s no shortage of combat either, with a run-in between other humans happening first, showing how the lead behaves while battling them. Later, when the creatures known as BTs appear, the lead is able to battle them with special weaponry acquired in the game, giving him a chance to fight evenly and avoid being dragged along with the BTs.
Death Stranding is certainly looking much more finished than anyone would have thought prior to E3, but then again Kojima’s been showing us this game in seven or eight minute chunks for the past three years it feels like.  The game looks more finished now than ever, and will be Sony’s first major attempt in the Fall season in several years.  The name alone will sell copies for the first week, but the remainder of November and December will depend on how the game is received and how Sony decides to market it.  Sony gamers are starving for news on the PlayStation 5, but in the meantime, hopefully this can hold them off.
Death Stranding launches for PlayStation 4 on November 8th.

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