Mark Millar Announces Jupiter’s Requiem 10 Parter

by Olly MacNamee

Mark Millar has announced his return to Jupiter’s Legacy with a 10 issue planned sequel, Jupiter’s Requiem. Sharing this news on Twitter, all we are given is the first page of a blank script with no artist currently attached. Or, at lest, no-one Millar wants us to know about just yet. The one information he give away on this exciting new project is a follow up tweet stating the following:

Jupiter’s Circle is in the past.
Jupiter’s Legacy is in the present.
Jupiter’s Requiem is in the future.

And, that’s your lot, for now. But, for many, it’s enough, especially when you consider that Jupiter’s Legacy is one of the titles from Millarworld closest to becoming a reality on Netflix this year. And, at 10 issue long, it’s certainly the longest of the series’ so far in this generation spanning saga.

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