‘War Of The Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius’ Targets Spring Release

by Sage Ashford

War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius premiered at last year’s E3 and seemed to be reminiscent of Final Fantasy Tactics in gameplay. Though Square-Enix initially spent their time testing this game in Japan, it appears the company is finally ready to premiere the game in the West.  Read more about the game below:

War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius® goes back several hundred years ago to Ardra, a continent of Lapis, before the events of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius®.
The story depicts a war between rival nations in a world where legends of the Crystals have been passed down since antiquity. Here, a tiny spark of fate ignites the flames that would embroil the entire continent in conflict.

Pre-registration for the game is available now, and there are a bunch of milestones available based on how many people pre-register. Players can receive everything from rare weapons to in-game currency at launch. War of the Visions is targeting a launch date of sometime in the Spring of 2020, and will release for iOS and Android.

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