Preview: Kangaroo The Conqueror And The Council Of Kangs Cause Chaos In ‘Spider-Ham’ #4

by Olly MacNamee

Peter Porker The Spectacular Spider-Ham #4 is a book you should all be reading. Zeb Wells has shown time and then again how adept he is at writing funny books and there’s no other one like this one on the shelves today.
Something of an old-school anomaly that has gained a new lease of life thanks to Sony’s Into Spider-Man: The Spider-Verse and before that the source text it was based on from the mind Dan Slott. With art by Will Robson, colors by Erick Arciniega and letters by Joe Caramagna. What better way to kick off your Saturday morning than with a preview of this new issue, out Wednesday 11th March from Marvel?

Spider-Ham might finally know who is causing all this ruckus in his Universe! But is Ham alone enough for a meal? Wait, what? Let’s try that again: BUT IS HAM ALONE ENOUGH TO STOP (REDACTED VILLAIN NAME)?!

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