Alice Faces Her Greatest Fears In A Preview Of The Next Batwoman

by Erik Amaya

When some of Jonathan Crane’s fear toxin gets used on Alice (Rachel Skarsten), it’s up to Kate (Ruby Rose) and Jacob (Dougray Scott) to find her. But will they be able to get her away from the gas before the toxin unravels her mind? In this preview of next week’s Batwoman, things seem pretty dire … then again, maybe a dark night of the soul is exactly what Alice needs.

Meanwhile, it is just absurd to see Kate denying Mary (Nicole Kang) her spot on the team. She’s figured everything out, feels sore that Alice knows the truth, and works well with Luke (Camrus Johnson). It’s past time Kate acknowledged her, told her the truth, and let the team grow with her strengths.
As it happens, we’re actually looking forward to seeing Kate and Jacob work together. It will no doubt be a prelude to Jacob accepting Batwoman as the only person who can root out the trouble with the Crows. We just wonder if the organization will still be standing when Kate figures out what really happened to Lucius Fox. That said, it’s a pretty intriguing mystery and something worth running for the rest of the season.
We also have to mention Sophie (Meagan Tandy) finally coming out to her mother (Jeryl Prescot).  Unfortunately, her mother had  a bad reaction, but it is truthful to have this be the outcome sometimes. At least Sophie is in a place of safety and, hopefully, turns to Kate for some support as she adjusts.
We also hope Duela Dent (Alessandra Torresani) will make another appearance. It was an interesting take on the character and the quick shot of her faceless form was the sort of gruesome thing this show should do more often.
Batwoman airs Sundays on The CW.

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