Super Sunday (Part 2): The Mole Man Returns In ‘Fantastic Four’ #20 By Slott, Medina And Marvel

by Olly MacNamee

Fresh back from their outer-space adventures, and with a new friend along for the ride, the Fantastic Four get little time to rest up before the Mole Man returns to cause havok in New York City with his biggest and baddest Kaiju. But, in this preview, we get to see that new friend and Johnny Storm’s alleged soul mate, Sky, welcomed to Marvel’s first family.
Written by Dan Slott with art by Paco Medina colors by Jesus Aburtov and letters by Joe Caramagna, Fantastic Four #20 is out 03.18.20 from Marvel, here’s your preview of the forthcoming issue.

EMPYRE IS COMING! The Mole Man and his biggest Kaiju return to the surface, with all of their righteous wrath aimed at one man… Wyatt Wingfoot! How can the Human Torch and Sky possibly save him? Y’know, this really would’ve been a good time to have brought ALL of the Fantastic Four! Also this issue: Meet a never-before-seen Elder of the Universe! Who are they, and how will they change the FF’s life… forever?

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