Super Sunday (Part 4): The History Of The DCU Is Under Threat In ‘Justice League Odyssey’ #20

by Olly MacNamee

The cosmic arm of the Justice League are out to try and save all of history in this week’s Justice League Odyssey #20 by Dan Abnett and Will Conrad, as Darkseid, once again, threatens all of reality; past, present and future. Out Tuesday May 12 from DC Comics.

As Darkseid threatens reality as we know it, Epoch, the Lord of Time, has a plan to stop him…but will that plan end in even greater disaster for the Multiverse? Green Lantern Jessica Cruz and her Justice League Odyssey misfits have one chance to avert catastrophe, but they’ll have to steal Epoch’s time technology to do it…and risk unraveling the entire history of the DC Universe!

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