Pat Mills Reveals The Cover To His New Sci-Fi Anthology ‘Spacewarp’

by Olly MacNamee

Pat Mills’s new comic book venture, Spacewarp, is very much in keeping with his groundbreaking work as one fo the creators an early contributors to 2000AD. It’s going to be an anthology comic book containing a variety of sci-fi and fantasy strips featuring its cover stars, above:
1. Koda – Schoolboy with mutant superpowers. Blackmailed into doing bad stuff by his headmaster to save his best friends from being murdered.
2. Bad Dog – Special Forces 1 soldier fighting the Viraks invasion on behalf of humanity. Well, what remains of it, anyway.
3. Schlock – The repair robot with a big problem with authority figures – and genocidal maniacs.
4. Dada – Just your average 1970s, time-travelling punk Scouser.
At the moment, while Mills is planning for an Autumn physical release, for obvious reasons, it’s still planning to launch the debut issue digitally this July. The cover for the digital release is illustrated by Mike Donaldson and Gareth Sleightholme on colors. The physical copy will have a wraparound cover, yet to be revealed.
Obviously aimed at 2000AD fans of yore, I’ll be interested to see whether this can bridge the generations gap and appeal to younger readers as well. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more about this new project over a year in the making.

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