Something For The Weekend: Your Regular Round-Up Of Reviews, Previews, News And More From The Past Week

by Olly MacNamee

Another week done and another weekend is upon us. So, once again, we bring you some of the stories that you’ve been reading all here in your all-in-one regular weekly digest. Here’s this Saturday’s ten to takeaway:

  1. Everyone loves a winner it would seem, and so seemed to be the case with the announcement of Neil McClements (ACES Weekly) as the most recent winner of the 2000AD Art Stars competition. Congrats once again, Neil.
  2. Sticking with 2000AD, our weekly preview of each Prog remains popular, with this week’s looking at Judge Dredd, The Out and all the other strips from Prog #2186 here.
  3. Its as only yesterday that we gave you an interesting interview with retailer and owner of Black Cat Comics, Greg Gage who gave us a level-headed look at how the coronavirus crisis has effected him now and in the foreseeable future too. Well worth checking out and getting an retailer’s insider view on the comic book industry here.
  4. Another interview we posted this week, and scheduled to celebrate the tongue-in-cheek Dragonflyman Day, was with AHOY Comics’ EiC Tom Peyer here.
  5. With comics flowing more steadily into shops and onto the web, we have been able to give you a good deal more reviews again with looks at The Ludocrats #2, Dark Nights: Death Metal #2, The Resistance #2, and Strange Adventures #2, as well as a look at European graphic novel Orbital in our new regular column ‘Euro Reviews‘ from Richard Bruton.
  6. On the podcast front we brought you latest episode of Deconstructing Comics here.
  7. While we don’t have a new edition of Ben Martin’s ‘Franchise Expansion (Or Implosion)‘ we did have a review of the horror-comedy We Summon the Darkness, out on DVD and Blu-Ray now.
  8. Marvel may be slow on getting their comics into stores at the Monet, but people were still keen to see what Marvel unlimited had to offer this month here.
  9. There is no doubt that James Tynion IV is a star on the up and up with his Batman run popular with both fans and critics alike. No wonder the announcement of his new creator-owned conspiracy theory pot boiler was met with great interest. We gave you the news and a first look at The Department of Truth #1 with art from Martin Simmonds here.
  10. We leave you this Saturday with the Marilyn Manson scored video trailer for DC Comics’ Dark Nights: Death Metal, a very popular post from this past week. Take it away, Marilynm and enjoy your weekend :

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