Preview: Who’s Dumb Enough To Mug Harley In ‘Harley Quinn Black + White + Red’ #4?

by Olly MacNamee

The latest instalment of Harley Quinn Black + White + Red is out today, Friday 17th July, from DC Digital First, Tim Seeley and Juan Ferreyra. Even when Harley isn’t looking for trouble, it seems trouble is always looking for here in this 3 page preview:
“‘Who Diss?’ – The Joker is a master of many things, but one of them is not the mic. When a mythical recording of the Joker’s disastrous rapping turns up as the grand prize in Gotham City’s most elite rap battle tournament, Harley Quinn enters the contest to win this most excellent way to humiliate her awful ex. But who are Gotham’s fiercest rappers? Can Harley Quinn hold her own? The answers will shock you.” 

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