Review: ‘MMPR #51’ Is A Big Step Towards What’s Next

by James Ferguson

Necessary Evil” wrapped up in the monumental Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #50, but not before throwing a monkey wrench into the mix with the return of…Dun Dun Dun…Lord Drakkon. (I don’t consider this much of a spoiler since it’s been all over the recent announcements about the franchise.) Drakkon isn’t here to conquer necessarily. He doesn’t really know why, but the Power Rangers aren’t going to let him sink his claws into this world. They put him down fast, but what do they do next?

MMPR #51 lays the ground work for what’s to come next for this series, these characters, and the franchise. Writer Ryan Parrott introduces a number of interesting ideas with a slew of exciting possibilities. Drakkon is like an agent of chaos here. While we know what he’s capable of, he’s not really in a position of power now. The more intriguing aspect of this is that Tommy is around this time. If you recall, Tommy was taken out early during Drakkon’s previous attack, so the two never really interacted. Imagine meeting an evil version of yourself from an alternate reality. That has to mess with your head.
Another big difference with Drakkon’s arrival this time is Tommy’s position on the team. Now he’s the White Ranger and he’s way more powerful. There’s a great shot where he knocks Drakkon’s block off. Letterer Ed Dukeshire delivers this with sheer intensity, backed with the anger Tommy undoubtedly feels in the moment.

Drakkon isn’t the only threat the Power Rangers face. There’s also Psychoslug, the terror snail. While the name might be a little silly, he’s certainly a major obstacle, sent by a returning Lord Zedd. The villainous leader has a renewed anger and motivation to destroy the Power Rangers after he was held captive by the Omega Rangers. This makes him far more dangerous and that shows by his moves at the end of this issue.
Colorist Walter Baiamonte, aided by Katia Ranalli packs this comic with energy that really pops on the page. The Power Rangers’ attacks are fierce and explosive. This contrasts well with the sinister nature of Zedd and his forces. This underscores the terror that awaits this team, like it’s lurking in the shadows, ready to pounce.

MMMPR #51 has the usual action and excitement. Artist Moises Hidalgo captures that well with some dynamic layouts during the fight scenes. My only qualm here is that the characters look too cartoony. They’re overly expressive, often with strange looks on their faces. It’s like all of them are parodies of themselves from Mad Magazine or something. There are some moments where this works, but more often it feels like a miss.
We’re definitely heading towards some big stuff in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. This issue is the first step towards that and it’s filled with some pretty exciting stuff. Drakkon’s return alone is pretty insane and full of possibilities. I’m excited for the character interactions alone. The insane action scenes are a huge bonus.
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #51 from BOOM! Studios is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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