Review: An Elaborate And Fascinating Heist Unfolds In ‘Wicked Things #4’

by James Ferguson

Sure, she’s accused of attempted murder, but that doesn’t mean Lottie is going to stop solving mysteries. She can’t help herself, especially when the clues are right there. There’s an elaborate scheme going on and she’s the only one capable of putting the pieces together.

It’s weird to look at where Wicked Things started and where it is now. The initial premise, framing Lottie for the attempted murder of a fellow detective, seems so far in the past now. We’re in the thick of this crazy and fascinating tale showing how Lottie works out a mystery. I almost forgot how she got to this point in the first place.
That doesn’t take away from the enjoyment of Wicked Things. Writer John Allison has a real talent for making crazy situations like this appear…I don’t want to say normal, but at least realistic in this world with these characters. Of course something like this would happen to Lottie.

The heist itself is as complicated as it is riveting. I love a good plan and the one seen in Wicked Things #4 is top notch. It’s interesting to see how the perpetrators use aspects of modern technology and the economy to pull this off. We’re pulled into this whole thing pretty quickly and it creates quite a page-turner.
Artist Max Sarin brings this to life in the most natural way possible. The personalities of each character really shine through, giving you a quick idea as to who each person is and how they see the world. For example, there are some cellphone store employees introduced in this issue that seem like they could not be bothered to care about any of this. You instantly know how they sound and act based on this one small interaction.

The beauty of Sarin’s artwork is how it pushes the boundaries of normalcy. It’s like the world of cartoons bordering this sitcom mystery space and the two blend together to amplify emotions in certain scenes. Some characters get overly expressive and it works really well to drive home a point or a joke.
Although we’re dealing with an elaborate mystery and nefarious deeds, Whitney Cogar’s colors make the artwork shine. We’re not lurking in the shadows. This is a crime committed in the light of the day which gives it a unique look.

It’s clear that Lottie is an absolute natural at solving mysteries. The pieces of the puzzle seem to just come together for her. Letterer Jim Campbell keeps this moving at a nice pace, guiding us through Lottie’s thoughts as she gathers her clues and builds her case, even as those around her question her process.
As we’re just past the halfway point of Wicked Things, I have to wonder where it’s going, although I am 100% in for the ride. Now that this side quest has been figured out and Lottie has proven herself to the local police force, it will be interesting to see how this ties back to her initial accusation that got her into this mess in the first place. After the twists and turns we’ve seen from this series so far, I hope we get much more from these characters.
Wicked Things #4 from BOOM! Studios is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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