Preview: Dark Themes And Ballet Action In Iron Circus’ ‘Last Dance’

by Brendan M. Allen


Iron Circus Comics released a preview of its new middle grade OGN Last Dance. Written and illustrated by Hanna Schroy, Last Dance is 200 pages of dark themes, real ballet action, and fluid graceful linework. 

‘Prima ballerina Miriam has trained her whole life to get where she is, but she’s been keeping a secret from her friends and her dance company. Years of injuries have been taking their toll and when one final ankle sprain sidelines her at a crucial moment, she may have to call it quits. In her rage, she finds a hidden doorway, a seemingly magical pair of slippers, and a dark voice coaxing her to try them on.

In exchange for the spirit’s participation in her dance life, it will help her heal and get back to work. But since we’ve all read a horror comic before, we know that no supernatural fix comes without a sneaky price.’

Last Dance hits comic book store shelves on Wednesday January 12, 2021.

Check out the preview art below.


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