Katia Winter Reportedly Joins ‘The Boys’ Season 3 As Little Nina

by Erik Amaya


The Boys continues its rampage as Katia Winter joins the series in a favorite comic role.

Deadline reports the Blood & Treasure veteran will play Little Nina in the upcoming third season of the profane Amazon series. In the comic book by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, she is, as described by the site, a “Russian mob boss with penchant for sex toys.” Her eventual death is said to be one of the comic’s most shocking moments. And considering how shocking it’s been so far, the series will have to work hard to give her a Grand Guignol send-off.

The program features Jack Quaid and Karl Urban has quasi-government agents dedicated to cutting superheroes down to size. And considering the supes are typically as vain and venal as a sports-star, actor, influencer, and reality star combined, they always have their work cut out for them. In Season 3, Jensen Ackles joins up as Soldier Boy, the world’s original superhero. According to a character description, he fought in World War II and became the first super celebrity. In the comics, he is a legacy hero notable for his innocence in regards to superhero debauchery.

The Boys is currently in production and will return in 2022.

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