Super Sunday (Part 2): Previewing ‘Rorschach’ #7 From DC Black Label

by Olly MacNamee

Written by: Tom King
Art: Jorge Fornés
Colored by: Dave Stewart

“Wil Myerson might have been the creator of Pontius Pirate, the most popular comic in history, before he put on the Rorschach mask and tried to kill a would-be president, but he’s not the only artist who worked on the character. Other artists fell under Wil’s influence, and now all these years later, his more renowned acolyte has fallen sway to Laura, the #1 Myerson superfan. Is it possible she influenced another comic book legend into playing vigilante? The key here is that tape the detective is trying to decipher, the one with the séance that has been haunting him since the very first issue! All this and a cameo by Dr. Manhattan to boot!”

Rorschach #7 is out Tuesday 13th April from DC Comics/DC Black Label

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