‘X-Men Legends’ #10 Reveals The Eighth Circle This December

by Tony Thornley

X-Men Legends has revealed answers to multiple long-lost mysteries of the X-Men world. Now, in December’s X-Men Legends #10, a story that readers didn’t even know about stands revealed thanks to two comic book legends.

Over a decade ago, the revelation of the Illuminati rocked the entire Marvel Universe. Now, the mutant world is about to learn about their own secret society- the Eighth Circle. In a tale told by the legendary team of Fabian Nicieza and Dan Jurgens, who is drawing the X-Men for the first time in his decades-long career.

Xavier. Magneto. Beast. Moira MacTaggert. Amanda Mueller. Brought together by Mister Sinister, these mutants are mutant-kind’s brightest minds and greatest leaders, and they have been brought together to discuss the evolution of Homo superior. But Sinister’s motives are not always pure, and they will result in the death of one of them before the story is over!

“It’s always fun to write Mr. Sinister, and the opportunity to broaden a storyline that never got full traction back in the day was cool. But the real treat was teaming with Dan Jurgens for the first time, after all this time! Another notch in my belt for great artists I’ve been privileged to work with!” – Fabian Nicieza

 “When editor Mark Basso asked if I’d be interested in drawing an issue of X-Men Legends, I couldn’t possibly say no. After all, it’s one of the few top drawer properties that I really haven’t worked on,” said Jurgens. “The fact that it was written by my longtime pal Fabian Nicieza cemented the deal. We’ve always talked about working together but weren’t able to make it happen—until now!”

This single issue story promises to tell a story that will surprise long-time X-Fans. Watch for this special one-shot story in X-Men Legends #10 on December 29th!

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