A Fearful Foursome Of Stories: Previewing ‘Spectro’ One-Shot From AfterShock Comics

by Olly MacNamee
Written and illustrated by Juan Doe

“A Quartet of Quintessential Horror Tales from the Multi-Talented Juan Doe – Presented in a
Single Prestige-Format One Shock!

SPECTRO explores the unnerving spectrum of fear through four terrifying stories rooted in a cosmic game of twisted karma and phantasmagoric terror:

1. What is at stake when sentient technology manipulates a man with projections of his desired self?

2. What are the consequences of excommunicating a member of the “nine” planets?

3. What is discovered when an explorer travels to Mars to ascend the tallest mountain in the solar system?

4. What happens when a scientist aboard the International Space Station is confronted with the most horrifying aspects of humankind?

In what realm of fear do these stories exist? SPECTRO.”

Spectro one-shot is out Wednesday 25th May from AfterShock Comics

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