Chris Anderson And David Accampo’s ‘Spectral: Showcase Of Fear’ Kickstarter Nears The Finish Line

by Brendan M. Allen

Only five days remain in the Spectral: Showcase of Fear Kickstarter campaign. Six short horror stories brought to life with lush, atmospheric black and white art, and a single color in each tale to bring such nightmares into a sinister focus. Written, lettered and designed by David Accampo with art and colors by Chris Anderson, the book clocks in at over 300 pages. 

Brought together through a unique framing sequence, Spectral: A Showcase of Fear introduces the strange figure of Professor Spectral and his Magical Mystery Puppet Theater, establishing himself as a new host as an homage to terrifying horror classics.

“This book is a chance for me to continue making comics with Chris Anderson,” said David Accampo. “We’re both horror fans, we both love comics, and from the moment we created ‘DevilSkin,’ the first short in this anthology, we knew that this was something special. This Kickstarter campaign is about taking matters into our own hands, lovingly crafting something that’s the pure vision of two long-time friends and collaborators. All of the stories in this book reflect our process, which is a spooky blend of both of our storytelling sensibilities – bigger than either of us, and better for it.” 

“We started this project while we were still working on Lost Angels to give me a break from drawing wings,” added Chris Anderson. “We gravitate toward the weird and creepy, so it was a no brainer. The spot color kind of just happened with Devilskin so we decided to work our way through the spectrum. It was organic. When Son of Jen made some puppets, It informed who our host had to be with Professor Spectral. It was all very serendipitous. In fact, my own style changes a LOT over the course of the stories and it serves the book even better. It was all meant to be. Even YOU were meant to read it.”

Backer rewards kick in at the $15 level for a PDF of Spectral. For a $20 pledge, you can score the paperback edition. Higher levels include enamel pins, signed copies, sketches, puppets, commissions, and original art from the book. Check out the campaign here.

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